about my sessions


what is a lifestyle newborn session?

A. this is a unique experience where i come photograph you, your baby, and your wonderful family in the comfort of your own home. i guide you through the session to create a gallery full of interactive memories - you never have to worry about knowing what to do in front of a camera. i offer knot gowns for my clients and swaddle as well, but i do not pose the baby. if you are looking for posed, studio-style newborn work i am happy to make recommendations.

"but my house is a mess..."

A. same! we have kids, this is life. i do not expect pintrest and i don't expect the home to be pristine for my arrival. i expect it to be lived in because, well, you live in it. i will come in, you'll give me a tour, and based on the lighting and setup of your home i will put together a game plan and keep you informed every step of the way. whatever is in my way gets moved and rearranged. remember, in-home newborn sessions are my specialty so i see a lot of houses and i can *promise* you, yours is not the worst <3 there is no such thing as a bad home and no matter the state of your house, i know you're an amazing parent doing your best and you will never be judged.

what about toddler siblings?

A. toddler wrangling is something i do all day every day. all toddlers are hard - that's just the way they are. some are more difficult when baby comes and that's totally okay and normal. they don't need to be "perfect little angels" and i'd never expect them to be. i have tricks up my sleeve to get them to do what i need them to do in order to have a successful and beautiful photoshoot for you. it's also helpful that they are in their home where they're comfortable, safe, and can take breaks.

i highly recommend taking your toddler to the store before baby comes home or in the first few days to let them buy a stuffy for the baby. let them pick it out, give them cash to had to the cashier themselves, and then have them give the gift to the baby. take a video of them doing it, and then time to time show them the sweet moment (we know toddlers love watching themselves lol!). additionally, i can not possibly recommend Big Little Feelings enough. find them on social media and follow along. even if you don't buy the class, their information on helping manage the toddler phase is invaluable and has changed our household dramatically. you will most definitely see me using their strategies at our session.

what if baby comes early?

A. babies are unpredictable! i schedule my sessions around day 8 after your due date - i try to do sessions between days 6 and 14 so it gives me a nice little buffer for the baby.

if your little one comes late, comes early, experiences complications, or mom experiences complications, sessions can be moved. i am extremely flexible and take a limited amount of bookings to allow myself to be fully available for my clients.

why is there one package?

A. one of the most fun things about newborn sessions is that no two sessions will ever be alike! every home, family, and baby are wildly different. regardless of this, i still offer consistent, beautiful, robust galleries for every single family. i do this by not only being an expert in this little niche, but by being flexible, patient, and creative.

is your newborn an only child and you feel great after birth and baby is happy? amazing! that means our sessions could be as short as an hour! is there a dysregulated toddler sibling, a cluster feeding baby, and a ppd mama trying to keep it all together while managing their C-section limitations? also fine! this means we may be spending up to three hours together.

neither you nor i know what we are in store for at the time you book your session. what you can bank on, though, is that no matter what's going on in your household i will cheer you on, guide your family through the session, and deliver a beautiful and probably too large gallery.